Swine Section

Swine Section

Male side of small ruminant ear tag 

Objectives of the Unit

The swine section is responsible for the registering and licensing of swine farms, swine producers, and keepers of swine as pets in the Maltese Islands. The section maintains an up-to-date record pertaining to swine births/tattooing, transfer of swine between local farms, and swine slaughter. Through the collection of this data, together with the collaboration of the Pig Breeders Co-operative Society Ltd. (K.I.M.) better traceability and control is maintained in the local swine industry.

Other activities carried out by the Swine Section include:

  • Disease surveillance
  • Permitting extension of pig farms according to space requirements and overall management on farm
  • Regulating the pig farms according to the swine rearing and keeping rules and the animal welfare act
  • Carrying out inspections regarding irregularities such as unregistered swine and/or swine farms, and other illegal activities related to swine 

Application Forms

  • Licence to keep swine as pets EN | MT
  • Application for License to Rear Swine EN | MT​