Prophylaxis Section

Prophylaxis Section

Main duty of the Animal Health is to prevent every possible onset of notifiable transmissible diseases and to preclude all spread chances in the case of new outbreak. In the meanwhile, as first link of the chain from the farm to table, the Animal health has to assure food safety for human consumption. To obtain this purpose the Prophylaxis Section within the VRD carries out daily visits on farm with particular focus on the Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leucosis (EBL) eradication schemes but also for any other problem that the official in charge considers to exanimate during his visit.

Besides the collection of samples and performing the skin test for tuberculosis control, the section is also responsible for the census inspection and for tagging and re-tagging of bovines and small ruminants. These activities are carried out on bovine and small ruminant farms in accordance with EU legislation regarding animal identification and registration.

A sampler taking blood from the vein on an caprine's neck              A sampler taking blood from the vein under a bovine's tale

The section carries out own duties collecting blood samples and performing inspections on farms according to the eradication schemes adopted for different diseases. 

In particular the Section is responsible for: 

  • Co-ordinating the sampling teams.
  • Making appointments with the farmers and preparing daily sampling schedules.
  • Collecting information regarding the census.
  • Adopting proper restriction measures in case of positive results (movement restriction, culling and cleaning measures).
  • Collaborating and ensuring restocking with brucellosis, tuberculosis, leucosis-free animals.
  • Involved in the control of animal movements.