Animal Health Unit

​​​Identification and R​​egistration of Bovines

​Notification of Births and Deaths​ EN | MT

Microchipping  Section​

Report of Missing Pets  EN | MT
Report for Transfer of Pets  EN | MT
Report of Death of Pets  EN | MT
Equine Death Form  EN | MT​
Equine Transfer of Ownership  EN | ​MT


Swine Section

Licence to Keep Swine as Pet  ENMT


Poultry, Lagomorphs and Bees Section

Rabbit Breeder Registration  ENMT​
Bee Keeper/Honey Producer Registration  ENMT  

Animal Welfare Unit​

Keeper of New Dangerous Animals  ENMT
Application for approval of an establishment as per S.L.439.20 ‘Protection of animals used for scientific 
purposes’ ​ EN | MT
Application for Project Authorization as per S.L. 439.20 'Protection of Animals used for scientific 
purposes'  EN | MT​

Safety of the Food Chain

Approval for Safety Food Chain Establishment  ENMT​

Feeding Stuff and Animal Nutrition Section

Feeding Business Application Form EN | MT
Ceasing of on-farm mixing activitty for a type of feed EN | MT
On-farm feed mixer registration form EN | MT


Trade Unit

Pets Accompaning Persons  ENMT
Derogation From Antibody Titration Test  ENMT​
Pets Coming From Territories or Third Countries  ENMT​