Owning And Keeping Of Dangerous Animals

Owning And Keeping Of Dangerous Animals

All animals which are deemed as dangerous animals must be registered with the Veterinary Regulation Directorate. This is a legal obligation and keepers or owners of dangerous animals are being given up to the 5thMay 2016 to register their dangerous animals and the sites where these animals are kept.

The list of dangerous animals is found within the schedule of the L.N. 46 of 2016 - Owning and Keeping of Dangerous Animals Regulations, 2016 which can be downloaded from this website. This list may be updated form time to time through a notice published in the Government Gazette.

For the registration of existing dangerous animals and the sites where they are being kept the application form (Application for the registration of dangerous animals already existing in Malta) for the registration of existing dangerous animals’ needs to be downloaded, printed and duly filled.  The said form must be delivered to the Veterinary Regulation Directorate at Civil Abattoir square, Albertown, Marsa, Malta.  Applicants in Gozo can apply at Customer Care Office, Civil Abattoir, Xewkija, Gozo.

The office opening hours are from 8:00-14:00 hrs from Monday to Friday. Once the application form is submitted to the above offices, the animals will be registered. A €10 (euro) fee has to be paid for every animal to be registered and payment may only be effected through cheques payable to the AHWD (Animal Health and Welfare Department). Separate applications have to be filled for separate sites. The owner of dangerous animals will be contacted in order to book an appointment on the site where these dangerous animals are being kept in order to evaluate the welfare standards and the safety measures of the enclosures.

Keepers authorised to keep dangerous animals by virtue of these regulations shall inform the Director through written communication sent by registered mail or email with receipt of delivery immediately upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances:

     (a) The escape of the dangerous animal;
     (b) The demise of the dangerous animal.​

The email address through which such communication may be sent is:  veterinaryregulation.mafa@gov.mt or alternatively such correspondence may be sent to the: Animal Welfare Section, Veterinary Regulation Directorate.

The Veterinary Regulation Directorate must be informed at the earliest about the birth or hatching of offspring which must be registered without delay.  Any transfer of dangerous animals onto or out of your site would require a prior request for approval.

For the registration of new offspring or transfer of existing animals the “Application for the registration as a keeper of new dangerous animals” must be downloaded and duly filled. For the registration of offspring or transfer of dangerous animal the applicable fees for the first registration of offspring or for the transfer of dangerous animals are found within the schedule to L.N. 45 of 2016 - Fees (Owning and Keeping of Dangerous Animals) Regulations, 2016. These regulations may also be downloaded here under from this website. The registration form and the applicable fees have to be paid for every animal to be registered and payment may only be effected through cheques payable to the AHWD (Animal Health and Welfare Department).

In case of any difficulties prospective applicants may call the Customer Care Office on 22925588 during office hours or may send their queries via email on the email address: veterinaryregulation.mafa@gov.mt

Applicants in Gozo can contact the Customer Care Office in Gozo on telephone number 22156751.​



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