Animal Welfare Unit

Animal Welfare Unit

The main mansions of this unit, which are within the Veterinary Regulation Directorate, are the following:

  1. Create policies, draft and transpose legislation related to Animal Welfare.
  2. Act as the focal point within the Veterinary Regulation Directorate on all issues related to Animal Welfare mainly related to poultry, swine, calves, sheep, goats and slaughtering.
  3. Work in conjunction with the Animal Welfare Service and Promotion Directorate on issues related mainly to pet animals. 
  4. Inspect, control, and enforce establishments on animal welfare issues dealing with pet shops and zoos and other establishments such as boarding kennels.
  5. Give consultation to the Planning Authority regarding the construction of establishment hosting animals (farm, stables,…) in order to ensure basic welfare standards. 
  6. Work in conjunction with the Animal Welfare Council mainly in relation to issues related to the regulation of experimentation of animals for research purposes. 
  7. Keeping in line with the most up to date scientific knowledge on animal welfare.  

Photos collage of various animals (monkey, piglets, hamster, sheep and goats, vets inspecting a poultry farm, aquarium and bovin

Photos of Various Animals and Inspections