Feeding Stuffs and Animal Nutrition Section

Feeding Stuffs and Animal Nutrition Section

The Animal Health and Welfare Department is the local Competent Authority responsible for regulating the production of feeds, placing them on the market, import/export of feeds and the use of feeds of all types, both for food-producing and pet animals. Since farmed animals provide products for human consumption, the feeds which they are fed at every stage of their lifespan need to be safe for the animals, the eventual consumer of products of animal origin, as well as for the environment.

The main aims of the Feeding Stuffs and Animal Nutrition Section include:

Controlling that all feed businesses pursuant to articles 9 and 10 of EU Regulation 183/2005 are registered and/or approved to operate in the Maltese Islands.


Conducting inspections and audits of feed businesses such as feed distributors, traders, feed mills, feed stores, and feed material producers, importers/exporters and on-farm mixers to ensure compliance with EU and national feed legislation and codes of Good Practice pertaining to feeding stuffs.

For further information and to apply to be registered/ approved as feed business operator kindly send your query to abpsection.mafa@gov.mt​