Provision of information and advice

Provision of information and advice

Technical queries

The provision of technical information to customers is one of the core services provided by the Plant Protection Directorate as part of its mission to serve the public and the business community.

Our aim is to inform customers about technical aspects of how legislation and policies related to plant health are implemented through business management and administrative procedures with the aim of safeguarding plants and plant material from damage caused by pests and diseases.

The focus of this service is to help customers better understand the technical aspects of the Directorate’s functions and services in relation to plant health. Such technical issues could relate to, for example, the need for quarantine, the conditions for export, the nature of technical inspections, information about the action of specific pests of importance, etc.

The service is provided through the Monitoring and Control (MC), which functions as the main control unit of the Directorate. The MC is responsible for imports/exports and border controls, movement of plants and plant materials to and from Malta, findings, interceptions, and outbreaks, internal market control, monitoring, and surveys in open fields, public and private gardens, parks etc.

Customers can make use of this service by any of the following options:

Face-to-face by walking in at our premises at 110, Annibale Preca Street, Lija.
By phone on freephone 80072310 or number 22926535.
By e-mail on:​
By Mobile +356 79008101.