Registration of technical advisors in integrated pest management

Registration of technical advisors in integrated pest management

The state registration and licensing of individual experts as technical advisors in the field of Integrated Pest Management is one of the functions of the Plant Protection Directorate in its mission to ensure that advisors who are serving farmers and other operators are competent to do so. This process serves as a mechanism to ensure a fair and level market, by imposing barriers that protect the intellectual property of registered license holders and safeguarding the interests of consumers making use of such advisory services.

The main aim of this service is to evaluate the competence of the individual expert to act as a state registered and licensed technical expert in the field of Integrated Pest Management, by judging whether his/her qualification, experience, and capacity match the relevant requirements for the role.

As a result of this service, a number of technical advisors are recognised as licensed to serve farmers and other members of the business community in the field of Integrated Pest Management, and to support them in their normal operations, as well as in accessing funds made available through the agri-environment-climate compensation schemes of the Rural Developmen​t Programme for Malta .

The service is provided through the Plant Protection Board  with the support of the office of the Director of the PPD. The Plant Protection Board is the entity responsible to review the state of plant quarantine in Malta on the formulation of policies in this regard, and advise the Minister on any matters with which the Plant Quarantine Act​  is concerned.

Customers can make use of this service by using the application form for registration, which may be obtained using any of the following options:

Requested by phone by calling freephone 80072310 or number 22926535.
Requested by e-mail on: 
Collected in person from 110, Annibale Preca Street, Lija.

You can also download the user guidance, and the user checklist​ for the registration of technical advisors in integrated pest management.