Registration in the Malta Official Register – Plant Protection Directorate

Registration in the Malta Official Register – Plant Protection Directorate

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The state registration of professional operators involved in activities related to the propagation, growing, trading, import, production, warehousing, dispatching, and treatment of plants, plant products and propagation materials, is one of the core functions of the Plant Protection Directorate in its mission to exert control over the market of production and trade in plant materials, and to ensure a fair and level market, by imposing regulatory conditions on business operators that minimise the business risks of licenced operators, and safeguarding the interests of consumers buying goods and services from licenced operators. The main aim of this service is to evaluate the competence and capacity of individuals or entities who wish to engage in any of the commercial activities that are regulated by virtue of their impact on the health and quality of plants and plant materials.

As a result of this service, professional operators are included in the Malta Official Register, and are given a certificate of compliance following a successful inspection that serves as a licence to engage in the various activities. That may be authorised, if applicable, to issue Plant Passports and replacement Passports; and to treat wood packaging material according to the international standards of the ISPM15 mark.

Registration Procedure

Interested applicants interested must fill in application form in accordance with:

Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 on protective measures against plant pests ‘Plant Health Law’ which entered into force on 13 December 2016 and became applicable from 14 December 2019. 

Subsidiary Legislation 433.03. Plant Quarantine (Harmful Organisms) Regulations. Legal Notice 97 of 2004, as amended by Legal Notices 477, 478, 480 of 2004, 42, 55, 307, 308, 361 of 2005, 245 of 2006, 359 of 2007, 270 of 2008, 33, 100 of 2009, 77, 119 of 2010, 19 of 2011, 99, 293, 426 of 2012, 162, 334 of 2014, 293 of 2015, 354 of 2017, 27 of 2018 and 232 of 2019. 

Official Control Regulation (EU) 2017/625

Applications are available both in Maltese and English and can be submitted online on


The application is received on a generic email which is verified by an MC inspector within the Plant Protection Directorate. Any other queries by the applicant can be sent to this generic email and will be replied within 24hr. Once the verification process is completed, and inspection is scheduled by the inspectors on site of the activity within 5 days of the application form submission. 

No fees are applicable for the registration within the Malta Official Registration.  

The following documents will be requested with the duly filled application form:

Site plan of the premises

Control Point application Form (Imports)

Calendar for Propagation and Marketing (Marketing)

List of varieties being Propagated and Marketed (Marketing)

Data Protection Application Form 

More Information

More information on application form submission, requests or general information can be requested:

1. via phone on freephone 80072310 or number +356 2292 6533.

2. by email on:

3. or by calling in person at the PPD in Lija. 

4. Mobile (Call, SMS, or WhatsApp):+356 7900 8101

You can also download the user guidance, and the user checklist​ for the registration of professional operators in the Malta Official Register.  

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Page last Updated on 23/02/2022