Provision of information and advice

Provision of information and advice

Provision of advice in relation to policy

The provision of advice in relation to policy to customers is one of the core services provided by the Plant Protection Directorate as part of its mission to serve the public and the business community.

Our aim is to inform customers about policy aspects of plant health and how these policies can impact on their business operations. This is an important function especially in business planning and related market analysis, including an analysis of the wider business environment in terms of its Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal elements.

The focus of this service is to help customers understand and forecast the impact of those policies related to plant health on their planned and existing business activities. This service is particularly relevant to start-ups or other business organisations planning new projects.

The service is provided through the Policy and Planning Unit (PAP), which functions as the main policy development and project implementation arm of the Directorate. The RPU is responsible for national, EU and international affairs of research, policy and projects related to all aspects of plant health, including official controls on timber, marketing, forestry, and the protection of plant varieties.

Customers can make use of this service by any of the following options:

Face-to-face by walking in at our premises at 110, Annibale Preca Street, Lija.
By phone on freephone 80072310 or number 22926535.
By e-mail on:​