The Plant Protection Board

The Plant Protection Board

In accordance with the Act XVIII of 2001,as amended by Act III of 2004, the Plant Quarantine Actthe Plant Protection Board is tasked with reviewing the state of plant quarantine in Malta, the formulation of policies in this regard, and advising the Minister on any matters with which the Act is concerned, particularly with respect to:


(a)   the promulgation of regulations under this Act and matters arising from the application of any such regulations;


(b)   the declaration of any plant pest as a notifiable plant pest pursuant to article 20;


(c)    the phytosanitary implications of importing any plant material, plant products, pests, beneficial organisms or soil;


(d)   the management, operation and requirements of the Plant Health Service; and


(e)   the diagnosis, detection and identification of particular pests and diseases. 

The current Plant Protection Board is as follows (as published on the Government Gazette 21,037 on the 14th of April 2023) no. 407:​


Mr Kevin Farrugia


Mr Carmel Mifsud 
Mr Andrew Refalo
Mr Michael Attard 
Mr Ronnie Farrugia 
Ms Dennis Sciberras 
Prof. David Mifsud 
Ms Dolerita Catania 
Mr Kristian Pulis 
Ms Ilona Borg 
Ms Catriona Francica 
Ms Jessamine Agius