Provision Of Information and Advice

Provision Of Information and Advice

General queries

The provision of general information to customers is one of the core services provided by the Plant Protection Directorate as part of its mission to serve the public and the business community.

Our aim is to inform customers about the mission and operations of the Directorate, offering details on type of services that are offered, how these may be accessed, who is eligible to make use of these services, what are the application options, whether there are any compliance requirements that need to be met, and any other terms and conditions related to the service delivery. 

The focus of this service is to help customers understand better what are the functions of the Directorate, whether it can support them, and how the services that are offered by the Directorate can be of benefit to them and their business. 

The general information service is provided by the Customer Care section within the Operations Unit of the Directorate. 

Customers can make use of this service by any of the following options:

Face-to-face by walking in at our premises at 110, Annibale Preca Street, Lija.
By phone on freephone 80072310 or number 22926535.
By e-mail on: ​
•​      Mobile (Call, SMS, or Whatsapp) :​+356 79008101

More information on this service is found in the Annex of the Quality Service Charter of the Plant Protection Directorate. ​