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FAST Project

fast project 

The project Fight Alien Species Transborder (FAST) is a project that studies the impact of alien species on our environment’s natural biodiversity.  Alien species are a threat that cause several environmental, social and economic impacts, that are difficult to quantify. The aim of the project is to study the impact of such biological invasions by identifying alien species, and removing them to allow for natural succession of indigenous species.

The Plant Protection Directorate (PPD) within the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food, and Animal Rights (MAFA), is a Project Partner (PP2) in the Interreg Italia-Malta FAST project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The PPD is also working hand in hand with the University of Malta, that is also a partner of this project.   The interventions that will take place under this project will be in collaboration with the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and Ambjent Malta, all under the supervision of the University of Catania as the project leader.

The interventions of the PPD will be on three selected Natura 2000 sites, as these are the most fragile habitats in need of safeguarding. The three Natura 2000 sites chosen for this project around the Maltese islands are: 

The areas of Buskett and Girgenti
Il-Magħluq ta' Marsaskala
The areas of Xlendi and Kantra Valley in the island of Gozo 

The role of the PPD in the FAST project will aim to counteract the introduction, naturalization and spread of alien invasive species that damage biodiversity in the Maltese archipelago by means of:

Targeting and evaluating Invasive Alien Species in Natura 2000 sites, 
Controlling, Monitoring and possible Eradication of Invasive Alien Species 
Propagating native plants, that will later be introduced in the Natura 2000 sites
Compiling guidelines and best practices to prevent the introduction of other Invasive Alien Species

 Further information on the FAST project can be obtained through the link

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