Customer Services

Customer Services

One of the main functions of the Plant Protection Directorate (PPD) is to offer its customers – farmers, traders, commercial centres, researchers, and others – a number of solutions that are needed for their business, personal, or academic purpose. 

This is why the PPD has also taken the step to charter the services it offers, in order to guarantee that these meet the highest standards of quality, commitment and excellence. 

All of the services offered by the PPD are related to its mission to safeguard the health of plants and to preserve genetic resources for food and agriculture.

The following is a list of the Chartered Services offered by the PPD:

1. Provision of information and advice. (General Queries , Policy Queries , Technical Queries
3.     Registration and authorisation to use national genetic resources for research and/or development purposes. 

More information on each of these services can be accessed by going to the relative page from the drop-down menu in the ‘Services​’ heading.