The microbiology section is responsible for the microbiological examination of samples for the presence of bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter.  Analysis is carried out on samples retrieved from the primary production sector.  These include food, feed, fecal, environmental and post mortem samples. 

An image showing different samples being analysed at the National Veterinary Laboratory.  The image on the left shows a laboratory officer in a white lab coat and white latex gloves holding a white micropipette in one hand and a sterile bag containing a yellow liquid in the other hand.  The officer is transferring the yellow liquid from the sterile bag onto a petri dish containing a blue medium.  The petri dish is placed on a white bench top.  The image on the right shows the arms of a laboratory officer covered in a white lab coat and white latex gloves.  The lab officer is using a white balance on which is a white container to weigh a dust sample.  Weighing is being done within a safety cabinet.  The officer is holding a spoon full of dust in one hand and a sterile bag containing dust in the other hand.    Different samples being analysed at the NVL


The NVL analyses samples collected as part of the Salmonella National Control Programme for laying hens and broilers.  Analysis is carried out according to time frame and methodology in the programme.  Antimicrobial resistance monitoring is also performed by this section.

An image of two laboratory officers performing biochemical tests on a white bench top.  Both lab officers are wearing white lab coats and white latex gloves.  The officer on the left is holding a glass Pasteur pipette and using biochemical strips.  The officer on the right is inoculating slopes with a plastic light blue rod.  A number of petri dishes with coloured media are present on the bench top.Laboratory officers performing biochemical tests