​Products of Quality National Scheme

​Products of Quality National Scheme


The ‘Products of Quality’ National Scheme is a scheme open to all interested actors who form part of a recognised agricultural value chain. Such chains consist of binding products or production method specifications which identify the production and farming methods and those elements that characterize the superior quality of the product.​


Legal Basis 


Our Role

 The Agricultural Directorate’s role through the Quality Policy Section is to set out administrative criteria, publish binding product and method specifications and implement an effective control system which ensure that those products falling under this scheme are up to the established superior quality standards.

For products whose product specifications has not been approved; a product specification proposal may be presented to the Director for examination by any operator who wants to adhere to the Products of Quality’ National scheme.


Labelling of the ‘Products Of Quality’ National Scheme Products

The product compliant with the ‘Products of Quality’ National scheme, in addition to any other required information set forth by other regulations, shall at least bear the logo which identifies the “Products of Quality” mark and the established product name recognised for that value chain.​
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