Id-Dipartiment tas-Sajd u Akkwakultura huwa miftuħ għall-pubbliku bejn it-8.00am u s-2.00pm is-sena kollha mit-Tnejn sal-Ġimgħa, (Inkluz l-uffiċini f’ San Pawl Il-Baħar u Marsaxlokk)

Numru Ġenerali:  2292 6800 


Id-Dipartiment jixtieq javża lis-sajjieda li n-numri għall-Fisheries Monitoring Centre huma kif ġej u għandhom jintużaw biss għall-użu tas-Sajjieda.  Dan is-servizz huwa miftuħ 24/7 .


8007 2240

2292 6888

9967 4933​


Please note that for any assistance you may contact the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture by email at infofisheries.mafa@gov.mt​ or via telephone on 22926800. In addition please note that mailboxes have been installed across Malta and Gozo to send any queries or essentials as deemed necessary. The locations of the installed mailboxes are the following: 

• Marsaxlokk landing facility

• Il- Veċċja/ San pawl il-Bahar landing facility

• It- Tunnara, Mellieha,

• Msida,

• Birżebuġġa, 

• Għammieri’s Security Gate, Marsa 

• Gozo’s Fisheries Office at Mġarr Gozo 


A satellite pop-up tag applied on Bluefin tuna by a Danish scientific institute, has been found in the Maltese territorial waters. According to its last transmitted position, it seems that this tug is in Valetta port area. 

For the sake of science and for the sustainability of the Bluefin tuna fishery, please report to the DFA any useful information related to this tug recovery. Additional information on the ICCAT-GBYP Tag Recovery, Awareness Activities and Rewarding can be found at www.iccat.int/gbyp/en/tagging.asp and also here​.