Gozo Office

Gozo Office

The fisheries office in Gozo is situated in Shore Street, Mgarr, Gozo.

Officers working at the Gozo Office help Gozitan fishermen with their queries, to apply for new registrations, transfers and replacement of fishing vessels.  All data that is collected is sent to the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Malta for onward processing.

A Fisheries Protection Officer and a Landing Officer are responsible for the landing of fish in Gozo which generally include Dolphin fish (lampuki), Swordfish, Blue Fin Tuna, Trawled fish and Makku.  Other spot inspections are also made on fish being caught with trammel nets, pots and bottom long lines.  Inspections are also made on Gozitan fishmongers and hawkers to check traceability of fish being sold to the general public.  This includes checking of correct labelling of fish, the required invoices and sales notes from where the fish was bought or imported, to minimise any possibility to have any illegally caught fish on the market. They also check that all fish are according to the minimum size. 

Port inspections are also carried out to make sure that no illegal fish is being landed and that the vessels are authorised and have a fishing licence as required by European Union legislations.

Our officers do this through education and communication programs. They also have a law enforcement function, ensuring that people who abuse current legislation on fish species under their respective size limits, or fish in protected or prohibited areas are prosecuted and fined as stated by court.

Fisheries Protection Officer and Landing Officer based in Gozo also inspect vessels which are being transferred or newly registered.  From inspections carried out, one can confirm total length of vessels given by the surveyor, and confirm that the engine and serial number and of the vessel markings are according to EU legislation. 

Another officer is in charge of collecting statistical data from Gozitan fishermen.  The Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Malta sends a list to the DFA office in Gozo every three months.  This list needs to be updated and must include fish caught, fish weight, and fishing gears used to fish by local Gozitan fishermen.

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