Fish Market

Fish Market

The present fish market in Marsa commenced operating in November 2015.

Fishermen from all over the Maltese Islands deliver their catch in the early mornings to licensed ‘pitkala’ located at the fish market. Presently three-licenced ‘pitkala’ are operating inside the fish market where they provide a service under the Fisheries Directorate. Before entering the fish market, the catch is weighted and labelled. Labels incorporate information about the name of species, vessel and owner names, origin of catch, date of landing and weight. In addition, they provide a means for traceability and for monitoring purposes. Only licenced fishermen with MFA and MFB registered fishing vessels can deliver fish to be auctioned. As the ‘pitkala’ prepare for the day’s auction, fish are exposed in the auction hall fifteen minutes before the actual start of the auction. Solely registered buyers with the Commerce Dept. and the Fisheries Directorate are allowed inside the fish market to buy the daily fresh catch. Every buyer is to wear on his arm a badge indicating the number of the license issued to him by the Directorate. Auction start at 4.00am sharp. 

‘Pitkala’ sell fish on behalf of the fishermen to the highest bidder. A variety of Mediterranean fish can be found at the fish market such as bogue, dogfish, amberjack, seabream, hake, squids, stone bass etc. while tuna, swordfish and dolphin fish can be found only on specific months of the year. All sales are effected on a weight basis and only officially recognized weights are used. When a sale is effected, ‘pitkal’ record every individual sale on a form of voucher where the original form is given to the buyer serving as an invoice and a copy given to the fish market management. Employees consequently input the data collected from the vouchers in the Fisheries information system. Payments by buyers are done at a Cash office located inside the fish market.  Consequently, fishermen are paid by the Fisheries Directorate on a monthly basis for their catch sold inside the fish market while ‘pitkala’ are paid the commission on the fish sold. 

The fish market is equipped with twelve chillers one for each ‘pitkal’ stall. Ice flakes are produced inside the fish market where it is given free to the fishermen to keep their catch fresh. Used fish crates are cleaned in a specific area within the fish market and so given clean to the fishermen when they intend to go out at sea. The unloading area is solely designated to the fishermen and middlemen while the loading bays are used solely for the registered buyers. 

The fish market is open almost daily from Monday to Sunday but closed on certain days of the year mostly on public holidays and on Mondays from January till end of April. It is situated in Troubridge Road, Marsa. Telephone numbers are 21228015/6/7/8.