Fishing Vessel Renewal

Fishing Vessel Renewal

Fishing Vessel Licences are valid for a period of one year according to the expiry date on the same document. The process is as follows:

1.  Approximately one month prior to the expiry of the licence, an invoice containing the payment details is sent the owner.

2. The payment can be effected either at any of the Bank of Valletta branches around Malta and Gozo, or by the BoV Bill Payment Facility within three weeks from the date of the invoice.

a) If the payment is being done through any of the branches, then the invoice as well as the amount, are to be presented at the cashier point.

b) If it is being done through the online BoV Bill Payment Facility, the fee is to be directed to the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture as the entity. The information to be entered as part of the process can be found on the front bottom part of the invoice, under the heading Bank Payment Details.

The back of the invoice contains further information which can become useful during the procedure.

3. The Fishing Vessel Register is automatically notified of the payment and a new licence is issued and sent by post to the owner in due time before the expiry.