Fishing Vessel Register

Fishing Vessel Register

​The Function of the Fishing Vessel Register

The Fishing Vessel Register has as its main objective the registration of fishing vessels under the classifications issued by the Department according to S.L. 425.07. Thus, the vessels covered by the Register are MFA, MFB, MFC and MFD.

The difference between the categories and the fishing activities involved 

The MFA and MFB categories are the professional categories or specifically the vessels of which the catch can be marketed. The difference between them is that MFA are the full time vessels while the MFB are part time. Therefore, the Department requires that a full-time (MFA) vessel registers more catches than the part-time (MFB) in terms of value of fish.

MFC vessels are vessels that cannot commercialize their catch. Other than this they are also restricted in the gears that can be used.

Related services offered by the Fishing Vessel Register

The function of the section does not stop with the vessel registration. In fact, the FVR is not only responsible for the issuing of such licences that need to be renewed annually but it is also responsible in issuing, in a timely manner, special seasonal fishing authorizations all of which follow ICCAT rules and EU legislations,  

Vessel Transfers requests have also become an order of the day in the last few years.  These involve the transfer of vessels between vessel owners and onto heirs in the case of deceased vessels owners. FVR also addresses requests that involve vessel replacements, an example of which would be when inefficient fishing vessels are replaced with ones that are more reliable and seaworthy. 

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Other services offered by the Fishing Vessel Register include:

  • The removal or addition of engines, on vessels.
  • Change of gears
  • Change of owner’s contact details to include any change of address
  • Change of master
  • Change of fishing vessel category
  • Change of fishing vessel details such as name or colour.
  • Addition or removal of VHF radio
  • Cancellations of fishing vessels ​


 Fisheries Registration Office

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