Appeals Committee

Appeals Committee

​Article 39 of CAP 425 of the Fisheries and Conservation Act
Appeal against the decision taken by the Director of fisheries

When a person or body of persons disagrees with a decision taken by the Director General/Director of Fisheries, and which results in the refusal to issue or in the modification of the Fishing Licence, the interested party has a right to appeal in terms of Article 39 of CAP 425.

The appeal can be made within 5 working days from receipt of the Director’s decision to a sub-committee appointed as indicated in sub-article 4. 

The committee is composed of members of the Fisheries Board appointed as per Article 5 of CAP 425:

The representative of the Department for the Protection of the Environment;
The representative of the Armed Forces of Malta;
Three members of the same Board appointed under article 5(2)(f). This includes persons having an interest or knowledge in matters relating to fisheries or the fishing industry and the fishing cooperatives;
The Chairman of this Committee will be the representative of the Armed forces of Malta.

The appeal can be made in writing or by filling the attached Application form. It should include the reasons why the decision of the Director should be cancelled or modified.

As soon as the Committee receives the application for appeal, it should forward it to the Director. Within two working days, the Director should prepare a report by taking into consideration the reasons brought forward by the Appellant. In this report, the decision is either substantiated or else revoked. 

Within 5 days of receiving the Director’s reply or else after the expiration of 5 working days, the Committee should convene, examine the case, hear all persons it deems appropriate, seek the necessary advice and finally, take a decision on the appeal. This decision is final. It shall be sent to the Director and the appellant.

This application can be found here​
Applications are to be sent by post to:
Mr Owen Zammit,
Appeals Committee Secretary,
Government Farm Għammieri,
Marsa. MRS 3303