One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

The Animal Welfare Directorate has set up a One-Stop Shop within the Directorate.

The scope of the one-stop shop is to:
  • provide quality guidance and assistance to the public on the range of services offered by the AWD;
  • offer services from one central point thus saving time and administrative resources;
  • give easy access to the general public to report an emergency, report abuse, ask about procedures to adopt/foster a pet and query about microchipping procedures and legislation regulating the animal welfare.

All the necessary paperwork relating to transfer of ownership procedures [in case of adoptions] and communication with the respective NGO will be carried out by the Customer Relations Officer.  

The One-Stop Shop will also cater for requests relating to information concerning the Veterinary Regulation Directorate.   Such request will be directed to the VRD contact person.

The One-Stop Shop will be available during weekdays from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 3.00 and is manned by an officer who has been briefed how to undertake such duties.

Contact One-Stop Shop on 22924132​

Animal Welfare One Stop Shop