Animal Welfare Fund

Animal Welfare Fund

The Animal Welfare Fund will make use of €80,000 to financially assist voluntary organisations that work in the Animal Welfare sector. This fund is targeted mostly towards animal shelters, NGOs, and other groups that offer a service to assist animals. Improvements in the way animals are kept or cared for, and better co-operation between organisations working in the sector are envisaged to be achieved with the utilization of this fund.

Financial Aid will be granted on three principal criteria:

  • This fund will implement EM11.36 whereby giving priority to improvements in animal shelter services, including refurbishment and upgrading of facilities, provision on new structures for animal accommodation, improvements to buildings, upgrading of equipment to approved standards in line with the relevant EU and local regulations.
  • Costs related to medication, food and transport
  • Programmes for the neutering of stray cats and do
  • Other relevant areas may be considered with the approval of the Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights upon the recommendation of the Animal Welfare Fund Committee.

This fund will be managed by a specifically appointed committee that will ensure transparency in the allocation of funds to those that need it the most. This committee includes Government representatives, the chairman of the Animal Welfare Council and a representative of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

Animal Sanctuaries, NGOs, and other groups that offer a service to assist animals are to follow this site to be able to apply for funds as soon as the application forms are made available in this area.

Animal Welfare Funding Guidelines​