Animal Ambulance

Animal Ambulance

The ambulance service provided by the Animal Welfare Promotion and Services Directorate is a 24/7 service which primarily provides assistance to sick or injured stray animals. This service is not made available to privately-owned pets. 

The animal ambulance provides assistance in accidents involving animals. In such cases, our Team first attempts to verify the identity of the animal involved in the accident, and whether or not such animal has an owner. Should this exercise prove unsuccessful, the animal would be treated as a stray, and taken in for treatment and provided shelter by the Animal Welfare Directorate.

Animals presumed to be lost and found roaming in the streets may also be provided with assistance by the Animal Ambulance. Our Team are able to check whether the animal is microchipped, and thus return it to its owner. It is important to note that due to the large number of animals under the Directorate’s care and custody, it is only animals which are not microchipped and are sick and injured that are picked up by the Animal Ambulance. In all other cases, the caller is advised to seek alternative shelter for the animal in a sanctuary. A list of sanctuaries around Malta & Gozo may be found here.

The animal ambulance can be contacted on 1717.​​

two animal ambulances besides one another