Land Archives

Land Archives

​Farmer Registration Card Archives


The Farmer Registration Card (FRC) archives were a procedure adopted for the registration of land tenants and their respective land holdings. This system functioned between 1944 till 2007. Details included in the FRC were:
  • Name and Surname
  • Nickname
  • Address
  • Name of wife and children
  • Name of land and its locality along with its parcel numbers
  • Details of land owner
  • Occasionally details of Act of Notaries
  • Transfer details (i.e. if any)
  • Registration date
  • Signatures of both officer in charge and land tenant

Upon registration farmer would be given a Farmer Registration Card with the address details of the applicant and their respective land holdings with the respective measurements.
These documents have been archived as a historic record and may be needed for research needed by the general public and Maltese law Courts to track down land use and ownership.

Although the FRC is no longer functional for modern registration, it still can be used as reference to search for archived records of holdings.