Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does the Agriculture Directorate under take?

1. The Agriculture Directorate serves the purpose to:

  • Follow up and where necessary provide feedback on Agricultural related EU policy dossiers relative to the Maltese agricultural context
  • Formulate where necessary National Legislation, Action Plans or any documents necessary for the complimentary policy deriving from EU legislation
  • Implement the policies formulated for an environmentally sustainable yet quality based agriculture

On what subjects or topics is the Agriculture Directorate responsible for and thus be referred to for any information or possibly submission of applications and documentations?

2. The Agriculture Directorate is responsible for the following topics:

  • Organic production, marketing and labelling
  • Olive and olive oil production
  • Viticulture and Oenology
  • Recognition and proper governance of Producer Organisations and Producer Groups under the Common Market Organisation Regulation
  • Implementation of the Nitrates Action Programme Regulations for the protection of groundwater from the contamination of Nitrates from agricultural sources.
  • EU Timber Regulation
  • Voluntary Certification Schemes
  • Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)
  • Soil Transfer Permits

3. What can I do to lodge a complaint, make a report or simply request more information?

If your report or complaint is relevant to any one of the topics mentioned in question 2. You can refer to either the following emails:

Timber Control:

Products of Quality Scheme:

All Other Topics:

4. Nitrates Directive:

4.1 I am interested in applying for a course which may offered by the Directorate? Where can I call?

You may call on tel: 22924303 and put forward the required details in order to book a place or e-mail on

4.2 I need to make a fertiliser plan, what must I do?

You will need to contact an approved technical advisor who will assist you in formulating a fertiliser plan of which one plan must be made for each and every parcel. You can access the topic Nitrates Action Programme for more details.

5. Organic marketing and labelling

5.1 I am interested to become a certified Organic operator (producer/retailer), what must I do?

You need to submit your undertaking to the control system by registering as an organic operator with the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs (MCCAA); and

Notify your interest to the Directorate by filling the Organic Scheme - Notification of Activity.

6. Producer Organisation

6.1 What is a Producers organisation?

A Producer Organisation is made up of a number of producers that work democratically within an enterprise setting as directed by their business plan or operational programme. The producer organisation may benefit from EU funding under the producer organisation scheme should the producer organisation follow an approved operational programme.

6.2 What are the aims and benefits of a producer organisation?

The benefits of growers joining a producer organisation will be able to:

  • Achieve a better market position
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Increase the overall viability of the members business work in environmentally sustainable manner

6.3 What must be done to set up a producer organisation?

The group of producers who shall not be composed of less than 5 must be a recognised legal entity such as a cooperative or a limited liability company prior to lodging an application for recognition as a producer organisation.  The application along with the operational programme is vetted and approved or otherwise by the Agriculture Directorate, being the Competent Authority. For further information you may need to refer to the topic ‘Producer Groups and Producer Organisations for more details

6.4 What are the producer organisation recognition criteria?

A PO must have:

  • A legal status such as a cooperative or limited liability company (ltd.)
  • An operational programme that respect pertinent EU and National legislation
  • At least 5 grower members
  • An annual turnover of €100,000 marketable production;
  • A statute detailing a democratic structure that gives members an equal say in the producer organisation’s management and operation (i.e. one vote per member). 

7. What is the Quality scheme ?

Quality schemes ensure that agricultural products reach superior standards than those established by European and Maltese regulations. 

The Directorate currently administers three quality schemes, two European quality schemes and a national quality scheme.

  • The two European schemes are the Organic Certification Scheme and the Quality Wines Schemes (DOK and IGT).
  • The National Scheme is the ‘Products of Quality’ a scheme created by the agricultural directorate to distinguish products that reach superior quality.

7.1 What is the Products of Quality National Scheme ?

The ‘Products of Quality’ National Scheme is a scheme open to all interested actors who form part of an agricultural value chain. Such chains consist of binding products or production method specification, which identify the production and farming methods and those elements that characterize the superior quality of the product. For further information, you can visit the ikeltakwalita website.

7.2 How do I apply ?

Click here​ to apply for the National Scheme ‘Products of Quality’