National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018 – 2028

National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018 – 2028

A comprehensive Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands was requested by various stakeholders in order to provide a strategic national direction for this dynamic sector. 

The agricultural sector in the Maltese Islands has been significantly re-shaped following Malta’s accession to the European Union and changes throughout its various facets are still ongoing. Thus, this ten-year policy is intended to steer the agricultural sector into a more sustainable direction by providing the means along which it can develop and flourish, whilst remaining within the parameters of the Common Agricultural Policy and other pertinent regulations. 

The Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands 2018-2028 is intended to provide a clear direction to all relevant stakeholders ranging from public entities involved with certification, permitting and decision making to private entities directly involved in the agricultural scenario who intend to invest or diversify their business. As the overarching objective for this Agricultural Policy, a ‘vision’ for the Maltese agriculture sector was identified and agreed upon between government entities, representatives of the private sector and the farming community.  This vision contemplates the development of a policy that targets the following critical targets:

Increasing the competitiveness of active farmers and livestock breeders by focusing on quality and encouraging diversification;

  • Facilitating the entry of young farmers by creating a cost-effective agri-business sector;
  • Fostering sustainability of farming activities by adapting to the local geo-climatic conditions;
  • Ensuring that farmland is managed by genuine farmers for agricultural purposes and related activities.